Friday, 18 February 2011

The lack of Video Diaries lately...

I just thought I'd point out that the lack of video diaries of late is not down to anything other than me having to change my set up to go HD and I have been physically unable to do them and transfer them to a laptop with my old set up.
However, I will be looking at doing some more in the not too distant future which will hopefully feature some exciting updates and even cover various things I'll be doing, including the filming of something exciting, somewhere exciting...More on that nearer the time.

I'm currently in the process of assembling my shooting rig and of course as I build that, I'll blog on here for the people who are interesting in this kind of thing because it is of course, an integral part of what I am doing. As always, I am keeping the cost of things down as much as possible for obvious reasons but also to help out those of you who wouldn't know where to look, to help you with cheap options to assemble your own DSLR shooting rig, also, any questions regarding shooting or post-production, fire away!
As far as progress, I'm still waiting on emails from various quarters, I have had some encouraging news though this week and although things are looking very, very good, it's not easy waiting, however, as they quite rightly say, patience is a virtue!

If you're wondering what the picture is, it's yet another daft photoshop of no relevance whatsoever, and portrays a school of Scalloped Hammerheads flying over Old Trafford, I'm not entirely sure why...

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Have a top weekend one and all!

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