Monday, 20 June 2016

Sorry For The Silence! How About An (Exciting) Update?!

I've been really slack with the blog the last few months but with good reason. I've been so unbelievably busy with promoting Of Shark and Man, work, developing new services for Scarlet View Media and being a dad to a wonderful two year old that I just haven't had the time to update the blog as much as I'd like, in fact, I think it's been about 7 months since the last update. Please accept my apologies!

I thought it would be good to put some brief updates here so you can see what's been going on in my life in the last few months so here goes.

Promoting Of Shark and Man
This has been a huge and ongoing job for almost a year now. The website has grown considerably with the addition of Teaser Clips, Behind The Scenes films, reviews and regular news updates. The team at EDNA Interactive have been great and thanks to them, the branding for the film has been a huge success!

Launching The Online Merch Store
We have launched an online shop where you can order T-Shirts, signed posters and stickers to help finance the promotion of the film. The T-Shirts are the same as the ones we had for the crowdfund campaign, produced by Fourth Element and as a bonus for everyone who places the first batch of orders, each T-Shirt comes with a password protected, limited availability stream to the film in full! Yes, that's right, if you want to see the full film, this is the best way to do it at the moment but this is a limited offer and we are almost at the minimum number of T-Shirt orders so if you want to see the film, you better move pretty quickly!

Click this link to go to the online store for all the info you need.

Winning Awards
Of Shark and Man was accepted into the prestigious Nice International Film Festival which took place in May, during Cannes. The film was also nominated for three awards, Best Sound Design, Best Editing In A Documentary and Best Cinematography In A Documentary and we won two of the three! It was an amazing and humbling experience and also an important one because it helped when it came to...

Signing A Contract With A Sales Agent!
This was a main goal from day one, finish the film, create a buzz then get a Sales Agent on board. I had a contract sent through the night before flying to Nice so the idea was, get back home after the festival, sign that and then crack on but this was complicated by the fact that upon returning from Nice, within a couple of days I had not one but four offers, two from Agents and two from Distributors. In the end, after meetings, phone calls and advice from friends in the industry, I chose Project 8 Films in Hollywood. In the end, I had ended up with a total of five offers for the film, not something I expected but which I found extremely flattering but now, it's onto the final and most exciting step, licensing the film to TV! (Hopefully!)

Launching The Stock Footage Service On Scarlet View Media
I've wanted to do this for ages and finally had the chance at the turn of the year. If you are in need of affordable HD Underwater footage of a variety of shark species and marine life, look no further than here!

Launching Commercial Screenings For Of Shark And Man
We are offering private Commercial Screenings of the film, along with a Q&A session with yours truly to businesses, NGOs, Dive Clubs, Film Schools, Aquariums, any organisation you can think of really, wherever you are in the world. If this would interest you, you can find out more here and by getting in touch with us to book your own screening.

Developing An Innovative Underwater Film-Maker Workshop
Towards the end of 2015 I started work on developing my own Underwater Film-Maker workshop, something I have wanted to do for ages! I received quite a bit of interest and a couple of months back partnered up with Oonas Divers and Red Sea Diving Safari to offer one of the most in-depth and practical workshops available anywhere in the world. The first workshop takes places January 18th - 25th, 2017 and you can find out all the info you need here!

That's all the main stuff really, in recent weeks I've also been developing a four part series with a Producer which may (or may not) be a sequel of sorts to Of Shark and Man. It is of course shark related!

Once again, sorry for the lapse in updates, as you can see I've been crazy busy but I'll try not to leave it this late for the next blog post!

If you have any questions about any of the above, leave a comment!