Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sharon Burden Speaks Out - Has The Anti-Cull Movement Finally Found Its Spokesperson?


I've been a little concerned of late that the anti-cull movement in Western Australia was in danger of turning into a bit of a circus, too many people seeing it as an opportunity to create or further careers, too many hangers on looking for a bit of the media spotlight and then the all too predictable and equally repulsive news that Chris Boyd's girlfriend had received threats from the rabid and oh so terribly brave keyboard commandos who worship at the alter of the PETA's and self appointed sharktivist Svengalis of this world. It looked like it was in real jeopardy of unravelling completely.

Then I saw this, Sharon Burden's address at an anti-cull rally which is everything you wish for in a rallying call for sense and reason. Ms Burden is erudite, articulate, passionate, intelligent and honest and her fifteen minute speech is both moving and inspiring.

I have for a while now, thought that the anti-cull movement needed that one spokesperson, the focal point of the issue to whom the wider public could look to and with whom they could relate and engage and although I am sure Sharon Burden may not want that level of attention, she would, hearing her speak, be the obvious choice. If she were to decide, understandably that this were a role she would not want, then this video of her address would serve as an ideal alternative.

Also to counterbalance my opening paragraph, whilst I and many others have some concerns over the anti-cull protests, for  the most part, in fact, the overwhelming majority of the protest, has been really quite inspiring and well handled, especially those beach rallies. It's also worth noting the efforts in South Africa to organise a protest there to coincide with Barnett's visit. Well done Sharon!

I and all other lovers of sharks and the ocean will continue to stand with those protesting this archaic and pointless throwback to the 1970's. Keep up the good work.