Monday, 2 August 2010

A bit of background...

I thought it would be a good idea to give a bit of background and update as to where I am with everything at the moment.

When I left my job it was in a maelstrom of different emotions, happiness that I was making the first step, sadness at leaving behind the fantastic people I worked with, excitement at what lay ahead but also fear, the fear that I may not get that stroke of luck that makes this all possible and there was also understandably doubt, am I doing the right thing? The main emotion however was freedom, I was finally taking control and although the spectre of money running out is a constant weight on my shoulders, it is one which also serves to motivate me to throw everything I have at this to make it become reality.

The first step was compiling a list of people to contact who may be able to help. This list consisted of industry experts, media, diving businesses, newspapers and television Production Companies. The next step, predictably, was to contact them, first by email, then by telephone.

These introductions, more often than not, were positive, there were of course a few "not interested" replies, the most memorable being an impressive Duncan Bannatyne impression, which although not the answer I hoped for, still made me chuckle.

The trick with any kind of cold approaches such as these is to expect that you will get knocked back more than you get positive responses. It isn't about a thousand "no" answers, its about the one vital "yes."

I am still in search of that "yes."

I had some bad news at the back end of last week, the Production Company who had showed a huge amount of interest had to put a temporary hold on any progression due to internal factors and the meeting I had scheduled this week has thus been cancelled. I won't lie, I was gutted but, onwards and upwards, I can't allow myself to dwell on this setback too much.

I am approaching this on two fronts, commission from a Production Company or Distributor or gaining corporate sponsorship, enabling me to make the film and then approach the former with a finished product. Now I know this film will be brilliant, other people with higher profiles than I, have been happy to go on record and say the same but convincing somebody to part with the best part of £30,000 is a lot easier said than done! The courage it has taken me to take the biggest gamble of my life is mirrored by the courage it may take for a wealthier individual than I, to take a gamble on me. I know that an investment in me will be well placed but I am not the one handing over thirty grand! This is not an easy process and requires a thick skin...

So, here I am, I am making great contacts and have had the pleasure of discussing this project with some wonderful people who have been a great help but I am still far nearer the beginning than the end.

I would also like to take a moment to mention some of the people who are continuing to give me the inspiration to believe in myself because they believe in me. My good friend Hamish Harper has been nothing short of a godsend, he has always believed in me and his continued positivity serves to bolster my self belief when I need it the most. Mike Neumann at Beqa Adventure Divers is another, always happy to answer my questions, give advice and when needed, encouragement to continue with something he believes in as much as I do, thanks for everything Mike. Last but certainly not least, Richard Theiss of RTSea Productions. Richard is a talented filmmaker and committed shark conservationist who's guidance has been vital to me in getting my foot through doors which may have otherwise, been slammed firmly shut in my face!

I would love to be able to fully articulate my appreciation to these three wonderful human beings but I fear nothing I could ever say would get close enough to how thankful I actually am. Thanks guys.

Finally, the website is now up and running thanks to another wonderful individual, Kris Allen, the man who used to put the voice to my songs when we were in Nerve Engine together. Kris put his own personal free time aside to make this site for me and I wish to go on record and say without him it wouldn't be anywhere near as good as it is, nor would it have been done as quickly. Kris, you rule!

If I can make a quick request? Please feel free to leave your comments, I love hearing from you and if you have enjoyed my blogs so far, please pass on the link to others you feel may be interested also, the more readers I have the better! If, by any chance, you also feel you may be able to help, please feel free to contact me!

As I said, onwards and upwards!

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