Thursday, 16 June 2011

The New Mailing List

Just a quick note to say that there is now an official From the Office to the Ocean mailing list.
This won't be used to constantly fill your already bulging inbox with pointless nonsense so don't panic, instead, you'll get all the latest news and on location updates from all the films in the series and all other relevant news. Obviously by now, judging by the content of this blog and everything else, you can be assured it will only be highly exciting and informative  literature, video and photography of the highest standard! ;)

Whilst in Fiji I will be making sure you all feel like you're there with me with blogs from not just me, but Hugh and Hamish, along with videos and photographs and unlike everybody else who gets to go gallivanting around the world on sharky adventures, I'm actually going to open the door and tell you how I did it, what I'm using and give you an insight into all the goings on involved in making this year's most awesome shark film.

Aside from all the Fiji news you'll be kept up to date with absolutely everything "From the Office..." related and signing up couldn't be easier, just go to scroll down to the bottom of the front page below the trailer screen and fill in your details, easy peasy.

Hope to hear from you all soon!


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