Monday, 16 January 2012

Trouble ahead for Fiji's sharks?...

...I sincerely hope not.

In the month I spent with the sharks of Shark Reef, I developed a genuine love and affection for them, not the all encompassing love I have for all sharks but a deeper bond, one similar to that which I have for the people of this amazing place and because of that, I am worried about news I am hearing of seemingly recent developments there.

This article by Helen Sykes has the details and Mike's blog adds some more and includes a video so have a look as there is really nothing I can add to what they are both saying.

The good news is that with Helen and Mike on board, Fiji's sharks have a genuine fighting chance. I had the pleasure of spending time with Helen and interviewing her for "Of Shark and Man," and I was extremely impressed. We do disagree on some things but that doesn't alter my opinion that Helen is one cool lady. She is passionate, articulate and clearly determined to do whatever she can to protect all Fiji's marine life and the habitats in which they live and I have a great deal of respect for her.

Remember also, the people of Fiji are still fighting for their wonderful nation to become the world's first Melanesian Shark Sanctuary which would be a gargantuan win for the Sharks, Manta Rays and all marine life there so whilst we digest the sobering news in the links, we must also realise that people there are working hard to protect every single shark in Fijian waters.

This isn't about harassing annoying American TV personalities, this is proper conservation at work, whereas the former will not save one single shark from a premature death, the work Helen, Mike, CORAL, Pew and the countless other people behind the scenes there are doing, might just save millions so give them your support.

A shark carcass being sold for F$2 (about sixty pence), or a live shark making millions for the local economy year on year? Hardly takes a rocket scientist does it?

Viva la revolucion!

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