Saturday, 11 April 2015

Trailer Feedback Is In And There Was a Clear Winner

So, the feedback from the two versions of the trailer came back and firstly it was overwhelmingly positive, secondly there was a clear "winner" and I'm glad to say it was the one which I would have chosen myself. I like both but there was one I thought flowed better and gave a better overall representation of the film and that will be the one which goes out as pretty much everyone agreed!

Here's a selection of quotes from the feedback:

"...the Everyman target audience - you got that passionately and perfectly done. Well done for that accomplishment. People will definitely get that and effectively put themselves as 'you' when they watch this film if that angle comes across as well as it does in the trailer."

"WOW great effort with both! Gave me shivers of excitement while watching both."

"I whacked this onto a 42" telly with surround sound and it just booms with awesomeness. It's true to the region, is enchanting, almost haunting, and sent shivers down my back."

"...congratulations it looks WOW!"

And some more feedback from the full film itself:

"...I think this can become an atemporal reference film for the world's 'shark conservation tribe'. With 'Of Shark and Man' you have just started a debate... you know, and we all conservationists, we need so much to be united around a global and ethical shark conservationism movement... that this debate is so needed right now"

The trailer will be out as soon as a few promotional details are sorted.

The very first screening of the film for a public audience takes place two weeks today! (Saturday April 25th) and next week I travel to London for an interview with DIVE Magazine and to screen the film for Jane West at Tourism Fiji along with a few others and that is a big thing, if Jane likes it then I will be stoked as it is she and her former colleague Martin Harlow who actually gave me the chance to make the film.

I have also started talking to some potential sponsors of the film's website and promo materials and not only that but also worked on the crowdfund campaign and can tell you that not only will there be some cool perks for every donation but also, some really amazing, and I mean amazing prizes to be won by some very lucky donors. Keep your eyes peeled for that!
If you're interested in potentially becoming a sponsor, email me at and if you haven't already, join the Facebook page here.

Have a great weekend!

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