Friday, 26 June 2015

More Feedback For Of Shark And Man

A couple of weeks ago I sent out the watermarked screener for Of Shark and Man to a few carefully selected people and the first bits of feedback are coming in so thought I'd share bits of that feedback here and in upcoming blog posts. The people the film went out to are incredibly busy so it's taking a while for everyone to get a chance to sit down properly with the film so there's still plenty to come.

"Excuse my language, but HOLY F*@%. The last dive scene in the upcoming Of Shark and Man is the best 10 minutes of shark film I have ever seen... I'm sitting in my living room in my underwear and my heart is beating out of my chest. What a ride!...

The shark feeding discussion is fascinating and the back and forth between Mike and Helen is really well done. Not sure if anyone has done this as well as you have.”

The section on $ and diving is fantastic. It's probably the best explanation of the value of shark diving I've seen. The walkabout dive piece is mind blowing. It's the best part of the film, and left me breathless.” Angelo Villagomez (Shark Defenders)

"David, this film is extraordinary. It hits every single point that needs to be addressed when it comes to sharks, ecotourism, shark diving; and our responsibilities the animals, local communities and conservation in general. It is beautifully shot and edited. Your story telling in sharing your journey is beautifully done. I am so inspired and impressed, this is so needed in our shark world.

I cannot say enough about this film. You have done an exceptional job. You managed to cover so much, while keeping it interesting and shot beautifully!!

I have not been to Fiji, but seeing all the work they are doing and have worked so hard to implement I am humbled and have so much respect for everyone involved there. Simply beautiful..."
Amanda Cotton (Photographer)

I watched it last night- you did a wonderful job with it! You managed to weave together such lovely footage, story-telling, and critical conservation messages without any of the unnecessary fluff or "preachiness" found in like-minded documentaries. 

It actually brought tears to my eyes to see all that I find special about BAD and SRMR to be captured on screen, especially with the now iconic shots of Rusi. 

I truly can't wait until you release it and I can share it with my family and friends to try and give them some insight into my life from the last four years and what exactly it is that makes me love BAD and SRMR so damn much! Lindsay Graff (Shark Biologist/Conservationist)

"...thanks again for sharing your film with us! It is amazing. I really like the positive angle, the fact that you show a solution how a reef can be restored. I like that you show also the opponents of shark feeding. And it's nice to get to know you better. It's really a personal film."  Lisa Deventer (Ocean Film Festival)

"Underwater footage at its best, three stories all worth being told, and brought to the audience in a well balanced way... It is a story about believing and about perseverance and taking no ‘no’s’ for an answer.
David is not afraid to address the issues at hand: from shark finning, shark feeding to attract them during the dive trips, ecotourism to carbon emission, he gives points to ponder by giving information without stressing a particular point of view.
All in all 4 weeks in Fiji and 4 years of editing resulted in a beautiful movie with honest and true content." Marjo Boertien (Ocean Conservation)

More feedback is on its way so I will post it when it comes through but again, everything is overwhelmingly positive!

For some reason Blogger is not letting me reply to comments! I'm not ignoring you I promise! In answer to the question from people about how they can get to see the film themselves, there will be a way to do that in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on here and the Facebook group!


The Sharkman said...

I am so happy for you David....... Cannot wait to see it..... ran out of finger nails to chew.

Vee said...

And you just keep us waiting and waiting in despair ;-)

OfficetoOcean said...

Thanks Alex and Vee, I can say that in around three weeks or so you WILL have a way to see the film so keep your eyes peeled ;)