Thursday, 19 May 2011

Panic Stations - A plea for help!!

Things are going incredibly well at the moment, in less than two months we will be in Fiji, filming part one of "From the Office to the Ocean" which has a working (and most likely final) title of "Of Shark and Man." The edit for "Behind Blue Glass" is coming along very, very nicely, tomorrow I will be featured in Beyond Limits magazine and there is even talk of maybe, just maybe doing some promotion on national television before we head out!

However, there is one, well two, issues which I need to sort out ASAP. 
First of all, we are still short of the two housing systems (with dome ports, lights and arms) for the cameras we will be using, my Canon 7D and Hamish's Canon 550D.

Secondly, I need to source an edit ready laptop for use in the field whilst on production, the 15" Macbook Pro with upgraded 8GB of RAM being the one which could do the job we need.

Unfortunately, what looked a likely partnership in regards to the housings has thus far failed to materialise and time is quickly running out. My partnership with Cameras Underwater means that I can get what we need at a vastly reduced cost and at the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, it is imperative we get our cameras in the water to film!

This is not a plea to the people who so generously donated to the Indiegogo campaign and who's kindness has already helped immeasurably, this is instead, a plea to anybody who may represent Aquatica, SubalSea & Sea or Apple or indeed anyone who would see the benefit of corporate sponsorship moving forward with "From the Office to the Ocean." The situation is getting pretty desperate at the moment so if you would be interested in helping, please contact me where I will be happy to give further details and discuss what benefits you will get from association with this project.

I am already hugely fortunate to have serious involvement from Tourism Fiji, Canon, Cameras Underwater, Fourth Element and of course, Beqa Adventure Divers alongside Ondine Escape, Palma Aquarium and Diver Magazine. This is a project which is guaranteed to gain serious recognition and you can be a part of that. If requested, I can provide documentation confirming association with a major Film Agent and Distribution House who's last factual feature was the OSCAR nominated Restrepo

Interested to help? Email me at and I'll tell you exactly what we need.

I'd rather not be asking in this manner but desperate times call for desperate measures! I hope to hear from you soon!


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