Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Bula Fiji!! Bula Sharks!!

Just over twelve months ago, at this precise time, I would have been sitting in an office wishing my day away, today at this precise time, I am on the other side of the world, it is almost 10pm, 80 degrees and the South Pacific is a matter of yards away. After the trials, tribulations, sacrifice and difficulty of the last year, I can say without doubt that it was well worth it!!

I have met Mike Neumann for the first time today, what a great, intelligent and passionate guy he is and tomorrow, I have the first of many, many shark dives with upwards of one hundred individual sharks, today they had no less than seventy Bull Sharks alone. his isn't just paradise, it's shark paradise.

We have had over thirty six hours of travel, stopped over in Seoul, South Korea and are all absolutely exhausted but I wanted to let you know that you'll soon be getting the lowdown on filming along with some sharky stuff to look at, of course, if you join the Facebook group and the mailing list you will get even more, it's totally free and the place to be for any self respecting sharkphile! ;)
By the way, Uprising Beach Resort in Pacific Harbour, where we are staying is amazing and the Fijian people have already got a brand new fan, they are incredibly warm, friendly and helpful. This is gonna be one hell of a month!!

So, tomorrow, when I would have been on my way to a job I didn't want to do a year ago, I will be in paradise surrounded by sharks...Not too shabby!! 

I'm off to bed for some much deserved sleep. Night!!

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