Monday, 20 February 2012

Great Shark Programme! More like this please

I was sent a link this morning, to an Australian documentary called The Wild Ones: Shark Harbour which I have just finished watching and I have to say, it was really good!

The premise is that the show follows a very likable team featuring Amy Smoothey and Vic Peddemors as they track Bull Sharks in Sydney Harbour to try and find out more about their movements, habits and ultimately, the threat they pose to swimmers.

It's a simple idea, well executed with good, solid, factual information, and which deals with the issue of shark attack in a non-sensationalistic and delicate manner and also features some really good Bull Shark footage taken from Shark Reef in Fiji, similar to what you will be seeing in "Of Shark and Man" (update coming this week) so that's always an added bonus.

I really am pretty cynical with modern day shark programming, in fact, I think most of it is pretty crap but "Shark Harbour" gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from me, more of this type of thing please!! Click the link and watch for yourself, tell me what you think :)

I wanted to add this in here in the hope as many people see it as possible. Unfortunately, a friend and tireless champion of shark and marine conservation had some terrible news recently when he heard that a friend, Emie Romero, who had been reported missing, had been found dead.

It's not for me to provide the details surrounding the case but being the type of people Angelo and his wife Edz are, they are doing a collection for anyone who may want to donate to help Emie's two children and you can find details here if you think you would like to help. Of course, times are hard for everyone at the moment but I know that each donation no matter how small would be enormously appreciated and show that, despite how we often hear otherwise, acts of kindness from strangers do still occur and do still matter and mean something.


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