Sunday, 19 February 2012

The pro-shark side of the "Singapore debate" just got better.

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As is often the case, it's not until Mike comments on the subject that the issue in hand is looked at properly from a conservation perspective.

He has taken a much more in depth and reasoned look at the issues raised by the debate in Singapore than I did in my blog on the subject and I recommend you click both the links prior to the one for my blog as both Shark Savers and Mike have done a far better job than I could ever do of painting the issue in an accurate light.

Whereas I approach things often from an emotional perspective when issues like this are raised, Mike allows the dust to settle and allows time for him painstakingly research each of his posts if need be (I have actually seen him do this in person) and that's why his posts are always worth reading. It's also why I do the creative stuff and he does the actual conservation stuff, you know, like creating shark sanctuaries and making sure the protection of all the animals in the sanctuary is properly enforced.

Although I do stand by a lot of the points I raised, especially the lasting legacy of wealthy corporations exploiting the poor, a trait certainly not limited to the shark fin trade, both Mike and Shark Savers say what I was trying to say, just an awful lot better.

I have been thinking about this recently, I wouldn't describe myself as a "conservationist," the reason being I don't feel I do enough. Yes I talk about conservation issues, yes I sign the odd petition and yes I get involved when I am asked to but I don't feel that is enough for me to refer to myself as such. I am a shark enthusiast, a film-maker and someone who knows a bit about sharks, but shark conservation is often less to do with sharks and more to do with politics and science, two subjects upon which there are a great many more people out there who know a lot more than I do!

With that in mind, if you need telling again, read Mike and Shark Savers posts they add much more to this debate than I ever could so for that I am as grateful as always for helping me understand things like this better.

However, one thing it must be said both posts sorely lack, is a hilarious reference to Dr Who (Dr Hoo, geddit?) but nobody's perfect.

Again, well said Shark Savers and Mike.

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