Friday, 30 March 2012

Another injection of cool stuff into your life

From time to time, when I'm a little too busy to spend time on here doing big blogs about sharky things, I like to touch base with you and link up some things I personally think, are monumentally brilliant, creative, cool and fun, so here is another one of those blogs.

Quickly though, the "Of Shark and Man" edit is coming along, I am filming some more for it tomorrow, which I will write a blog about next week, with more filming again during next week and then again, back in Manchester filming again on the 7th of April. When those are done, hopefully it's just a couple more shots and all the UK intro stuff will be done and edited together. Then comes the bit where I put everything together to make a compelling story for you! It's a huge job, I know you know that, I tell you enough, but please, be patient, the days are long, the nights even longer and I am also working on other things at the same time whilst juggling life itself, which is also pretty stressful at the moment. We'll get there!

So, first up, what is this cool stuff? Some videos, some creative, some factual, some hard hitting, some fun, so sit back relax and see what you think.

Ok so zombies are cool, that's just a fact, everybody loves zombies don't they? What about Zombie art house films? What about zombie art house films that look just so sumptuously beautiful, they practically drip off the screen? This is 12 minutes long, no dialogue, just story and visuals which look stunning. I love this. Hat tip to the big man in South Africa, cheers Paul.

So we have established that zombies are awesome, I'll tell you something else which is cool, Heavy Metal, specifically in this case, Pantera, my second favourite band ever. Not so cool however, is heroin abuse, so when I found an in-depth interview with former Pantera vocalist about his battle with addiction, I was fascinated to see what he says now, years after the event. It is brilliant. Honest, raw and thankfully, it seems that Anselmo is finally getting the better of his many, many demons. I really can't think of a more charismatic person in...well, anywhere. It's long, 7 parts in total but well worth the time, especially if you're thinking of giving the big H a whirl, you're probably not, but if you are, you'll think twice after this. Part one embedded above, you can find the rest here.

What else is cool? Awesome people who try to make a difference to the world, people who take that leap of faith and make the world that little bit better. It's also cool when people make beautiful looking films about them. This is the trailer for a documentary out this year which looks both inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time. I can't wait to see it.

Speak Spanish? No, me neither, I still loved this though. Again, beautifully shot, brilliantly edited and a great story, that's right, despite not speaking Spanish, I can still follow what this is about and what it's trying to say. This is a short about the men who brave towering waves to chisel tiny mussel-like treats off rocks, for people like you and I, every day, with the bare minimum of safety equipment. Great stuff.

Finally, I'll tell you what isn't cool, tyrannical warlords, but what is cool, is when clever men take an opportunity to go to town on them on live telly. "Roasting," "getting merked," whatever you want to call it, here, Steven Colbert dishes out a twenty minute dose of it to one such warlord and the sycophants who allowed him to do his bidding without so much as a whimper. Full version here. Lovely.

Hope you enjoy and you'll be hearing from me soon.

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Shark Diver said...

Oxford scholars used a keyword search for "zombies," to create a map (above) that "visualizes the absolute concentrations of references within the Google Maps database."

Here it is:

OfficetoOcean said...

That is ace :D

I love zombies! I'm learning to drive at the moment and one of the main reasons is to aid my survival in the even of a zombie apocalypse. It's just common sense if you ask me...