Thursday, 28 June 2012

Mallorca Stingray Survey Update

From the Office to the Ocean has gone a bit Stingray mad in the last few weeks but fear not, I'll be back onto the sharks soon! However, you do need to know that Brad has now launched an Indiegogo campaign (click me!) and as you will see, there is one suggested donation of only $5, if you want to donate more, you can and that would be massively appreciated but times are tough for everyone, this is a community project and every cent is vital so we didn't want anybody to feel as though their contribution was any less gratefully received than those who make larger donations.

So where does the money go? As I have and will continue to repeat ad nauseum, conservation costs money, running costs, transport, equipment hire, electricity, support materials, all that stuff and more needs to be paid for and unfortunately, neither Brad nor myself is a millionaire and if this project can't operate, there will be nothing in place to go towards gaining a greater understanding and protection of something which is unusual in the Mediterranean, a healthy population of something living in the sea! We can either act now to keep it that way, or set up pointless Facebook groups in a few years saying "Stop killing Stingrays in Mallorca!!!" or as it's otherwise known, locking the gate after the horse has bolted.

A spearfisherman makes his way into a Marine Reserve to shoot Stingrays 

The Facebook group has 101 members now so that should really be a minimum of $505 in the campaign, then there's all the marine conservation groups throughout the social media world as well so this campaign should be really successful, as a very dear friend said to me once "if everyone who clicks 'like' on a Facebook group donated a bit of money to the cause as well, then things would start to change" and he was of course, correct. Although I probably don't need to, I will still point out that I am not part of the financial team behind this project, I don't see any money for my involvement and I paid for the production of the film entirely myself, I just believe in the project and help Brad with running it when I can.

If you like the project and think Stingrays in Mallorca are worth protecting, then please feel free to donate if you can afford to, if people donate to keep the project running, that then means you can even take part yourself, if nobody donates and the project cannot be maintained then nobody will be around to protect these stingrays with the passion and vigour that Brad does so it's $5 very well spent!

Donate here! 

Thank you. 

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