Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Unedited Interview Segment from the filming of "Of Shark and Man" - My Back Story

Unedited Interview Segement from the filming of "Of Shark and Man" from Scarlet View Media on Vimeo.

I get asked a lot about my motivations behind the "From the Office to the Ocean" project, why I wanted to do it, what I had to do to get it off the ground, the difficulties and issues I faced and also what I hope to achieve. Feedback from people about the film and its content is often that they want to know more about this kind of stuff because it taps into the "everyman" aspect I am so passionate to highlight.

With that in mind and having approached the part of the edit of "Of Shark and Man" where this is discussed, I went over an interview/piece to camera I shot in Fiji where I asked Hamish to ask me questions that related to what he thought the audience of the film might be interested in with respect to the twelve months leading up to production in Fiji, to treat it as though he had only just met me, knew a tiny bit about the film and wanted to know more.

This also gives an indication into how the narrative of the film is delivered, very little is scripted, instead, the majority of the voice over narrative is taken from these natural, conversational interviews so the viewer hopefully feels that they are being involved in the film and not just talked at as an uninvolved third party.

It's interesting for me to watch it back now, eighteen months after it was filmed, most of all, because it all still applies and is still completely relevant to me now, in 2013. There is no colour correction, grade or audio processing and it has been heavily compressed down to run at 5Mbps as opposed to broadcast standard 50Mbps. The few cuts merely cover long questions and the answers are unedited.

It's just over fifteen minutes in length with no cutaways so it really is completely raw.

This interview has now been edited down significantly for the film but after feedback from members of the Facebook group I thought some of you might be interested to see the whole thing so here it is.

As always, feedback and comments are warmly welcomed and I hope that somewhere in there, you find some stuff that you can relate to or which help you in your own endeavours. I would also be really keen to hear any suggestions of things not in this interview that you think would be interesting for me to address so please, feel free to suggest away!



Anonymous said...

I think the coolest part about all of this is that i knew you before any of this happened; when they were just dreams and hopes. Seeing you go through it all has been very cool and definitely extremely exciting and lets me know that dreams do come true... if you want it hard enough. Way to go, D! You're a legend!

OfficetoOcean said...

Ha! Thank you Susy, I don't know about that though, I'm probably just a stubborn idealist with a dream, there' probably loads of people like me, I was just naive enough to take a gamble which luckily enough paid off!