Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Of Shark And Man Website Is Now Live!

Finally it's here, the Of Shark and Man official website is now live and available for you to enjoy!

It's taken a while to get to the stage where we had everything we needed for a release so when you visit it it's not just a homepage and loads of "coming soon" announcements but as of the early hours of this morning we had managed to get enough on there to keep you going until the updates start.

With regards to updates, these will be regular and scheduled meaning you won't have big gaps in between. It's been driving me kind of insane lately not being able to release the stuff I have lined up and that's been due to some incredibly small details and awaiting confirmation of certain aspects of the release and the crowdfund campaign. These are all to be expected but I was becoming very conscious of constantly saying that stuff was coming without actually giving you that stuff!

So, to clarify, here are the key things to look out for:

1. The Official Trailer is being released on Monday August 3rd! That's this coming Monday and all you will need to do is visit and it will be there, right in front of you on the homepage!

2. Starting Friday, August 14th, we will release brand new, unseen video and film content in the form of teaser clips, deleted scenes, bonus footage etc. These will be released on the website in the "Media" section, every Friday for at least the following 15 weeks, most likely more.

3. On the Wednesday of each week (starting August 12th) we will release other additional content in the form of interviews with people involved in the making of the film, Researchers, Photographers etc, all of whom have their own experiences of the Shark Reef story, artwork, site updates and info about screenings.

4. The Crowdfund Campaign will be launched and will give you an opportunity to see the film for yourself and get your hands on some INCREDIBLE goodies from the film and also top of the range dive gear from Fourth Element, Apeks, Aqualung and Suunto! Seriously, you do not want to miss out on these! The campaign will also feature various raffle prizes, one of which is just about the best prize you could possibly imagine to go hand in hand with a film about diving with the world's biggest Bull Sharks in Fiji... Read into that what you will...

Also, for everyone who took perks in the first crowdfund campaign, these will be going out to those people and will be the updated and much cooler ones we're giving away this time to say an extra special thanks for your support way back when. You will also notice that your names are in the film's credits! Your names will also be added to the website in the Supporters section.

Already up on the site is a few still photos (plenty more of these to come), the three teaser trailers, info about the film itself, a couple of reviews and two Behind the Scenes shorts made at the time of filming in 2010 and 2011.

So, without further ado, go visit, bookmark it in your favourites, tell your friends and come along for the ride, it's all going to get rather exciting!

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