Monday, 31 August 2015

Of Shark and Man Premiere - Amazing!!

English Dave meets Fijian Dave! (Photo by Carol Moir)

It's taken a few days to get the chance to write this as I am currently on a shoot in Mallorca but Thursday's Of Shark and Man premiere was a really amazing and incredibly humbling event!

The mooted (then cancelled) tube strike meant some guests were unable to make it but the turnout was fantastic with people travelling far and wide to help celebrate the release of the film. Guests included people who have helped in the production of the film, supporters and sponsors, Dive industry heavyweights, media and friends and the venue, The Courthouse Hotel in Soho, was just perfect (thanks to Chris Bird for making the projection of the film as smooth and non-stressful as he did!)

 Photo by Carol Moir

The reaction was really overwhelming, the atmosphere surrounding the night was positive, friendly and casual and I really hope all our guests had an enjoyable time. Once again, it was incredibly positive that throughout the film, nobody seemed to lose interest, nobody left (phew!) and the reaction at the end of the film was so good I didn't really take it in at the time I was so surprised.

Afterwards, upon retiring to the bar, it was lovely to catch up with friends, one of whom, David Whittle who did the opening title sequence, I hadn't seen for 18 years! It was equally good to make new friends and hear what they thought about the film, their favourite bits and how it moved them.

So far, the feedback has been incredible, the film really seems to touch a nerve with both sharky people and those with no prior interest in sharks at all and I think that is what I am proudest about.

The crowdfund campaign has got off to a great start but we need to keep it moving. If you want to help support the release of the film, go check out the amazing perks on offer and also, read this to find out how you could win yourself a trip for two to Fiji or a set of Aqualung regs!! 

Here's a few pics from the premiere taken by the lovely and very talented Carol J Moir! You can see more here.



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I hear about this, but was busy. Next time I will be there :)