Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Of Shark And Man Crowdfund Is Live!

It's been a crazy few weeks with way too much to fit into not enough time but somehow, I'm just about managing!

One of the biggest jobs I've had for a few months now has been putting everything in place for the crowdfund campaign. I've mentioned it has been coming on here for a while now and the reason it's taken a while to get to the stage of going live is purely down to one reason. I've spent the entire time trying to secure as much value for contributors as possible, I feel that if I am asking for your help, I want to give you something in return that you can really appreciate.

On Monday, the crowdfund campaign was finally released, you can see it here please watch the video, read the details and most important of all, check out the perks and if there's anything in there that takes your fancy, make your contribution and it's yours!

We have film merchandise in the form of T-Shirts, custom artwork, signed posters, skype chats with me (who wouldn't want that!?), stickers and of course, best of all, you get to see the film for yourself. Until "Of Shark and Man" screens in your town, this is the only way you have to see the film!

As well as film merch we are also giving away some serious, top of the range dive gear including, computers, wetsuits, regs, mask/fins/snorkel sets and dive bags from Suunto, Fourth Element, Apeks and Aqualung

The amount we are hoping to raise, is quite a chunk of money but we are hopeful that we can get close to, if not achieve that target. The money will be used to get the film out to the film festival circuit, for marketing and promotion, special events and screenings, subtitling and everything else designed to get this film out for as many people to see as possible and spread a positive and inspiring story about sharks and people.

The campaign runs for 45 days, at the completion of the campaign, Indiegogo take their percentage then distribute the funds to us so we can start work on distribution. The admin side of things takes about two weeks and after that, we will start distributing all your awesome perks!

In conjunction with the crowdfund campaign we are also running our own raffle campaign in which you stand a chance of winning a shark diving trip to Fiji for you and a friend!!

The raffle is our own separate thing that we are running outside of Indiegogo. Most crowdfunds don't have raffles alongside them, it's certainly not something we have to do, rather something I want to do. It helps us promote the crowdfund campaign and also shows how valued your contribution to supporting Of Shark and Man is to everyone associated with the film.

Now, there's been a few questions about the raffle as a few people haven't read the press release properly and got seriously confused so I'll break it down as simply as possible below: 

  1. To enter the raffle, all you need to do is claim a perk on the crowdfund page. Claiming that perk automatically guarantees your entry into the raffle.
  2. Please read "How To Enter" and "How It Works" at this link. Each perk is linked to a raffle prize and that is detailed in the linked article. You are not buying a raffle ticket, you are taking perks on a crowdfund campaign, we are giving you entry into the raffle for free. The higher your contribution to the crowdfund campaign, the higher the value of perks you receive and the higher the value of prize you stand a chance of winning in the raffle.
  3. No, raffle tickets to win the trip to Fiji do not cost £10,000!!!! Entrance into the raffle for the Fiji prize starts with the £350 perks.
  4. Your perks are unaffected by the raffle, if you contribute to the campaign, those perks are yours, they are what your money gets you, the raffle entry is just a nice extra on top to give you a chance of getting something else.
  5. The minimum contribution to get yourself perks and entry to win a raffle prize is £20 
Please read the terms and conditions it's all very straightforward, when you make your contribution, that's it, you just need to wait until the campaign ends and then we will do a draw on video, drawn by an independent third party to make sure everything is fair for everyone.

Go get yourself some cool stuff! Good luck!

I have a long day tomorrow, driving down to London for the premiere on Thursday, then over to Mallorca for twelve days for a film shoot. Keep visiting for all the usual updates and to keep up to date with all the latest news sign up to the newsletter!

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