Saturday, 21 July 2012

Fiji - A response to Sea Shepherd

Captain Crunch's Funky Bunch

It was always going to come and now it has, it hasn't disappointed.

A response has been posted by Mike to the indefensible actions in Fiji by the cult of Sea Shepherd, whose approach to conservation seems to be jeopardising the creation of shark sanctuaries and manhandling children for photo shoots to promote their brand.

Yes the dissenting voices will cry out about "squabbles" and "egos" and will claim this is all nothing more than an offensive attack on the ocean's great white hope because of agenda led politics but no, it isn't, these are the facts and yes, the people involved really are that arrogant and stupid.

I can't add anything to what DaShark has said other than to say I am 100% in agreement and the people and government of Fiji also have my full and enthusiastic support.

If you disagree, please post on Mike's blog, not here.

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