Friday, 10 May 2013

On the cover of this month's Sport Diver!

Denizens of the British Isles, I am sure you will be salivating with excitement to hear that an article I have written about my final dive in Fiji, linking directly with the climax of "Of Shark and Man," is a cover story on in this month's excellent Sport Diver magazine!

My writing is at least acceptable but the pictures are sublimely brilliant and what else would you expect from two such supremely talented photographers as Sam Cahir and Lill Haugen whose stunning images really bring the story to life.

This is my first cover story but hopefully not my last so if you have a publication and are interested in having me write something for you, get in touch.

Sport Diver is £4.20 and available from all good purveyors of the written word, confectionery and tabloid hyperbole.

Big thanks to Mark Evans for being so enthusiastic about my article and of course, to the mighty Sam and Lill!

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